Watch an epic battle

The battlefield awaits you and it’s time to play!

Play chess with your vocabulary in Wordbase, the tactical word game that requires the strategic prowess of chess or checkers, along with a mind like a dictionary, to master.

Fun word search battles with friends

Conquer the battlefield, form words and fight your way to victory – Wordbase will leave your palms sweaty as you form complex words and challenge friends and strangers to an ingenious-duel of words.

Protect your base and capture your opponent's base – the first one to capture a letter in their opponent's base wins – it’s an intense all-out battle of which only one person can come out on top.

Think you have what it takes to become a master? Jump into Wordbase today and stand your ground on the battlefield!

Challenge your

Or be matched against a
random combatant!

Spell your way to your
opponents base

Spell your way to your
opponents base

Cut off your opponents trails for ultimate letter punishment

Use tactical power-ups and dominate the board

Use tactical power-ups and dominate the board

“Strategy sets Wordbase apart from the rest... challenging and oddly exciting.”

- Valentina Palladino, The Verge

“The UI is done fantastically"
"... once you’re set, you’ll be addicted.”

- Preshit Deorukhkar, Beautiful Pixels

“It is a brand new twist on strategic word games, and it does it in a gorgeous way.”

- Christine Chan,

“Great free app to get students building and practicing their vocabulary.”

- Nik Peachey, British Council

“It’s surprising that it’s taken so long for someone to marry word play and chess.”

- Mihir Patkar,

“Fun game, in depth strategy. One good word can put you on your heels.”

- Michael McConnell,